Our Little Ol' Family

Our Little Ol' Family

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Evening

Quiet Sunday evening around here. Todd's working on his computer, Kylie is watching a movie, Natalie is at Stephen's, Larissa is at Layton's, Tyler is at work, and Lindsey is at volleyball practice. It's been a chilly week outside. Tomorrow we are supposed to be getting a significant snowfall. I'm hoping not too much because we are supposed to have 'Christmas' at my mom's house on New Years' Day. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind the snow. I also don't like the idea of the kids driving in the snow on New Years' Eve when they are out late. We'll see what happens though.

Did you know we have the sweetest dog in the world? I was never a 'dog person' until I fell in love with this little girl 4 years ago. She is so smart and loving. She really has been a blessing to our family. I love how she checks on each member of the family when I let her out of her kennel each morning. I love that she is always so happy to see each one of us, and she lets us know how happy she is to see us. I love that she never has accidents, never jumps up on people (unless they ask her to), and we don't worry about her biting anyone. She comes and gets me when anything isn't as it should be, such as when our old fridge had a leak from the ice maker. She came and led me to the kitchen to show me the puddle of water forming on the floor. I was amazed that she knew to do that! When the microwave or the timer on the stove beeps, she comes to let me know. If someone leaves food where she can reach it, she won't touch it until we give her permission to. If anyone is sick, she cuddles up next to them or lets them lay on her like a pillow and doesn't move at all. She is so good at reading people and knowing when they aren't comfortable around dogs; she doesn't force herself on anyone. Our friend who has autism has never liked dogs, but has really warmed up to Rue and will approach her and carefully pet her. Rue just stands or lays there until he is done, as if she knows just the right thing to do. She would be a great therapy dog. She loves our whole family, but I am the one she considers 'her master'. She gets a wee bit jealous if Kylie or Lindsey get too close to me when we are snuggling, and she tries to carefully wedge herself in between us. We pretend like we don't realize what she's doing, but she is very persistent and it's so cute! She knows our routines. She knows what time Lindsey and Larissa wake up. She knows when Kylie wakes up. She knows that the sooner Kylie gets ready for school, the sooner she'll get to go for a walk or go for a ride in the van. She gets so excited about that! When she sees me getting ready for work, she goes and lays on the couch so that she can watch me leave. She hates to see any of us take a suitcase anywhere. It makes her so sad because she knows that person will be gone for a while. She droops her head and puts herself in her kennel. If she gets into the trash when we are gone, we immediately know because she puts herself in time out in her kennel as soon as we come in the door. She loves her kennel, though. Every night at 9pm, she heads for her kennel to go to sleep. She doesn't like to be alone in the bedroom where her kennel is, though, so when Lindsey sleeps over at a friend's house, Rue ends up on my rug before morning. She's so very social. No reason, really, while I'm writing this about our sweet Rue, just wanted to share with you what a blessing she is to our family!

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  1. She is a sweetie- we have a couple that are big pains in the rear!!!!