Our Little Ol' Family

Our Little Ol' Family

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Evening

Getting ready for a photo shoot in downtown KC tomorrow, so I took a little drive this morning to see the best location to get some good shots.  The daughter of this family teaches at Kylie's school, and she gave this photo shoot as a Christmas/Retirement gift to her mother.  It will be her parents, her brother, and her.  They want to include Union Station, the Liberty WWI Memorial, and this Western Auto sign.  The weather is supposed to be just perfect tomorrow: sunny and 54* with very little wind.  Wahoo!

Poor little Kylie has been sick for several days.  She's really hoping she'll feel like playing basketball tomorrow, but I sure don't see that happening unless things change drastically between now and then.  Larissa has had a nagging cough that is driving her crazy, especially when she tries to sleep at night.  Tyler said he feels achy and has a sore throat.  It's that time of year, I guess.  Poor things!

Lindsey found out she is a Courtwarming candidate!  How exciting!  She found a dress to borrow, because there is zero extra money in the account for that.  This has been an expensive month with college expenses, dental expenses, fees for classes for high school, etc.  Doesn't sound like much, but, man, it adds up quickly!  Anyhow, I'll find out more info about Courtwarming and I'm sure you can expect lots of pictures! :)

Sunday Lindsey has another volleyball tournament.  This one is at the college where our friend, Leah, attends, so we'll get to visit with her for a while!  I'm going to bring a seat cushion this week because my hiney was SO tired of sitting on uncomfortable bleachers for hours and hours last week!  Todd is playing in the Worship Band at church on Sunday, so he and Kylie will go there.  Lindsey, her team-mate Abbey, her boyfriend Lien, and I will be leaving around 6:15AM to head for her tournament.  Ugh!  It's a long day, but I'm very very thankful to get to be there for these games like this.  It's a huge blessing to get to do that.

Speaking of Lindsey's boyfriend, Lien, please be in prayer for his family.  His dad had a heart attack about 6 months ago.  Lien and his brother were born in Italy, but moved here when they were 9 years old, about 7 years ago.  (It's amazing because Lien can speak Italian, Spanish, and English fluently.  It's cute when he talks to his mom on the phone, because he speaks Spanish with an Italian accent.  It sounds like "Ma ma', ma ma'" with the emphasis on the second syllable each time.)  His mom teaches Italian at one of the colleges here in town.  His dad had run a cleaning business before his heart attack.  Lien's dad did not have health insurance and they weren't able to afford good care for him here, but he has a nephew who is a doctor in Argentina.  A little before Christmas, Lien's dad flew to Argentina where his mother and siblings live, to receive some health care.  They found out this week that it is unlikely that his health will improve.  I don't know the details, but that is what I've heard through Lien.  Please be praying for Lien's family as they decide what to do.  In May, after school gets out, Lien and his mom and twin brother will be flying to Argentina for about a month.  I think the dad will be coming back when they return.  His mom is very upset about it all, needless to say.  I know that they would appreciate your prayers.  I can't imagine having to be away from my husband for 6 months while he had all of these health issues going on.  But she had to be here to keep her job and take care of their 16 year old sons who couldn't just be pulled out of school.  It's a tough place for their family.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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