Our Little Ol' Family

Our Little Ol' Family

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh, to be a dog!

I took this picture and sent it to Lindsey right before I went to work this morning.  It said, "This is what Rue does all day while you are at school."  You see, this is Lindsey's bed.  Rue likes to go between Lindsey's bed, Kylie's bed, and our bed and take naps all day while the girls are at school.  I think she misses her girlies when they are gone!  Lindsey texted back and said, "Awwwwwww! But that's why there's mud on my bed every day!!"  Could be, my dear!  And that's why I keep an old sheet over our quilt on our bed.  That way if Miss Pup gets up there with dirty paws, I don't have to worry.

I was so excited this morning because this was the day to pick up Lindsey's letterman jacket!!  It turned out so nice!  We are still waiting for 2 specialty patches for the back, one for District Champs for her team for soccer last spring and one for Lindsey making the First Team All-Conference in Volleyball this past fall.  I'll be sure to get a picture of Lindsey in her new jacket when we get a chance.  Todd and I were just so excited to be able to get that for her for Christmas.  In a large family, there aren't many big and special gifts that the kids get, so that makes these kinds of gifts even that much more special.

Time to put Miss Kylie to bed, so I'll scoot for now.  Please be praying for Natalie as she gets settled in this semester.  Also, be praying for Larissa as she gets this very last semester of high school under her belt. She can hardly WAIT for it to be done and over with, but she has to pass every single class this semester.  Please pray for the stick-to-it-iveness to get that done.  I know she can do it!!

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  1. Rue looks like a little puppy all curled up like that.... will be praying for your girls!