Our Little Ol' Family

Our Little Ol' Family

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Evening, Again!

Kylie's new hair cut!  She had 7" taken off!
Brrr! I know that today was warmer than it has been lately, but 33* is just NOT all that warm.  I'm more of a 60* to 65* girl!

Happy birthday to my friend, Terri, today! We've been friends since 2nd grade in 1974, so that makes us....um....old!

We had to be at church earlier than usual this morning because Kylie is now putting together the Power Points and videos for Miss Sharon for KidsQuest.  This was her first official day, so we wanted to make sure it was all going smoothly.  (It did, so hooray!) We grabbed a quick and cheap gluten-free meal at Wendy's (chili and a baked potato), then took Kylie over to play at her friend, Morgan's, house.  I've sat around and read all afternoon, which was wonderful!  Don't be shocked, but last night I even soaked in a nice hot bath.  Wow, now THAT'S a luxury!

The kids go back to school on Tuesday.  They have had a nice, long Christmas Break.  Seems like I remember that we always had to go back to school on January 2nd when I was a kid.  They have definitely enjoyed having lots of days to sleep late! By the way, Natalie doesn't go back until January 13th, so she even has a bit longer to enjoy the whole 'sleeping in' thing!

I've been having lots of people ask me about wedding pictures lately.  That, plus the fact that I was totally ticked off to hear the HUGE amount someone had been asked to pay for wedding pictures that turned out to be no better than the ones I take, and I've about decided it's time to make the jump and purchase the lighting I need to do wedding photography, as well as other indoor photography,  We do have that empty bedroom in the basement now, so maybe I could make that into some kind of studio for the 'other kinds of indoor photography'.  I don't know.  The ceilings might be too low.  But, I'm one step closer to making the plunge. Please be praying for clarity for me as I pursue this.

This week I began cooking all of our meals as gluten free.  None of us have Celiac issues, but Todd is diabetic and we have noticed that when he has gluten his sugar levels are higher.  I figured not having the 'bad stuff' around at all would make it easier for him to eat right.  That, plus holding each other accountable because if I'm working this hard to learn this new stuff, we'd better be sticking with it!  I've been researching gluten-free cooking since November and this week we started.  It's been a lot easier than I figured it would be.  (That's probably because of all the research, which is what I needed.  I'm a planner, ya know!) My goal is to still make home-stylish meals, even though they are healthy meals. I'm a firm believer that food should be tasty and pretty. We're not cutting out all starches, just wheat. (Thus the 'gluten-free'.)  Less processed and more fresh.  I've been posting my recipes with pics on Facebook and have had lots of positive responses.  There are lots of people who have to eat gluten-free for many different reasons.

This is random, but did you know that when typing on a computer keyboard, you are only supposed to use one space after a period, rather than two spaces as we did back in the 'olden days'??  I must admit, that's very difficult for me!  Why the change, I wonder?

Here are some random shots from this past week and weekend...

Kylie and I built a snowman. He has a celery nose because I used all of the carrots in our stew!  Oops!  Sorry Frosty!
This was a picture Monique took of me to use with my new blog for the library.  It's about reading the Little House on the Prairie books.  I'm starting the series for my 37th year in a row!
Rue peeking at me as I was reading.  "Can I join you, Mommy??"
We used gift cards from Maralyn and Nabil to enjoy a meal at Olive Garden!  And, yes, we ate gluten free!
Kylie and Morgan, as we went to have lunch at Todd's work a week ago Friday.  I'm thinking of doing our family photos for our Christmas card here on these stairs next year, so I was checking the lighting! 
Gotta scoot for now.  Hope you have had a great weekend!

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  1. I had read that about the spaces after the periods awhile back- but I usually don't follow rules about stuff anyway- so I am rebelling and still using my two spaces. See I just did it :)

    That is wonderful that you got a bubble bath and were able to read all within a couple of days! That's like winning the lottery!!!!!

    Kylie's new haircut looks very pretty!