Our Little Ol' Family

Our Little Ol' Family

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Evening

 My Saturday photo shoot went very well!  Here's a picture I took while testing the light at the Liberty Memorial.  The weather could NOT have been better.  It was 60* and the sky was beautiful!  I'm almost finished editing and am very pleased with the pictures.  The family had a lot of fun at the shoot, and that's always a goal of mine, as well.  This family hadn't had family pictures since 1993, and we got some great ones!
Here is a picture of a field of poppies inside the Liberty Memorial, reminiscent of Flanders Field. Very pretty!

Poor Miss Kylie is still sick.  She had a virus last week, began to feel better and then got to feeling bad again.  Her virus turned into a sinus infection.  She got an antibiotic from the pediatrician this afternoon and will hopefully be on the mend soon.  She is so tired of being sick AND of missing school. She missed basketball practice and her game last week, too, which made her very sad. She is also having hormonal issues as her little body prepares for that lovely cycle we girls all get to deal with.  Ugh!

Sunday, Lindsey and I got up bright and early to head to a volleyball tournament at KU.  Another girl from the team rode with us, as did Lindsey's boyfriend, Lien. Her team did really poorly.  I feel bad because Lindsey works her hiney off, but some of the girls on the team just don't get into it at all.  It's so frustrating! I wish we could afford to put her on one of the better club teams, but it's just not in the budget. I saw at least one college scout at the tourney, but I'm not sure from which college.  She was watching and taking notes, though. One nice thing about being at KU was that we got to see Leah, as she goes to school there.  After the tourney, she gave us a tour of her dorm.  Now we can picture what she's talking about when she tells us what is going on at school.  Here's a picture of Leah, Lindsey, and Lien in front of Leah's dorm. By the way, Sunday had a high of 25* after the 60* the day before.  Brrr!!

Well, I'm gonna get off of here for now.  Hope you have had a great start to your week!

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  1. that dorm is much prettier than mine was in Warrensburg...