Our Little Ol' Family

Our Little Ol' Family

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Evening!

Can you believe I'm writing this many days in a row??  I know...crazy, huh?

Larissa had a dentist appointment this afternoon.  She had her teeth cleaned and is all cleared for healthy teeth and gums for another 6 months.  Next up is Lindsey in a couple of weeks for her check-up and teeth cleaning, then Kylie, then Tyler.  We have found a new dentist I really really like! Larissa even said how much she liked her, too.

Talked with Natalie this afternoon and her day today was much better than yesterday.  Yippee!  Thanks for praying, and please keep it up!

Miss Kylie isn't feeling well tonight. I ended up coming home early from work because Todd had to go to Praise Band practice for church and Kylie was afraid she was going to throw up.  Praying it's just a passing thing and that she'll be feeling better tomorrow.

Hope your week is going well!

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