Our Little Ol' Family

Our Little Ol' Family

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's so nice outside today! It's supposed to be up to 70*. The great news is that Miss Kylie is finally feeling better and is back to school today! It's great to see her so full of energy again. She missed a lot of school the past two weeks. 
Lindsey was a candidate for Courtwarming Princess. Here's a picture of her at the assembly last Wednesday.
Tyler happened to stop by as I was getting ready to go to the assembly, so he joined me and surprised Lindsey!
Here's a picture of Lindsey with her letterman jacket.
And a more close-up shot.
This was at half-time at the Courtwarming game on Friday night.  Todd went to the game and I stayed home with Miss Kylie, who was still sick at the time.
Here are Lien and Lindsey.

Lindsey and her friend, Neita.
Lindsey sent me a text from the dance that she won as Courtwarming Princess!  I don't have any pictures of that because the crowning was during the dance, and parents weren't invited.  Yay, Lindsey!

Another bit of good news is that Natalie made the Dean's List for her first semester of college!  Woo-hoo!

I helped in the nursery Sunday morning at church. The 7 or 8 month old little cutie-bug I was holding had just finished a bottle and started to get fussy. She didn't seem like she needed to burp, just that she was a little aggravated. I said, "Sweetie, what do you want?" Out of the blue she signed 'more'. I asked Kylie, "Did she just sign 'more'??" So I said, "What do you want?" Once again, she signed 'more'. Kylie and I just looked at each other and laughed, and I proceeded to get the little cutie some water in her bottle because she was out of milk. She did NOT want water, she wanted 'more' milk, so she kept looking at me like, "Come on, lady, can't you understand me??" When her mom picked her up I asked, "Does your baby use sign language?" She said, "Oh yes, we do that with her all the time." I told her what happened and she just had to laugh that I had to give her water because she was out of milk and wanted 'more' milk!! I love babies! They are so smart!

Yesterday afternoon I delivered a couple of meals to friends.  My friend from work, Janet, was very ill in November and had surgery this morning to have the finger tips of 4 of her fingers on her right hand removed.  She has more surgery to come on the other hand, which has more extensive damage.  We have been taking meals to her family, but I had made a batch of Ham and Beans and cornbread on Friday.  My family doesn't like Ham and Beans, so I always give away the extra after I get a bowl.  I took some of the Ham and Beans to Janet and her hubby, and some more of it to my friend, Narin, whose mom is in the hospital.  Narin has been up at the hospital a LOT, and when she saw on Facebook that I had made Ham and Beans and had extra, she requested some!  I love being able to share. 

Gotta scoot and get back to my housework!  Have a great week!

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  1. Ham and beans and cornbread are a favorite here... all 10 of us love them. We are big bean eaters though. (hmmm- that may be where all that gas comes from!)

    Congratulations girls on your accomplishments- and so glad your baby girl is feeling better... these colds really seem to linger these days.