Our Little Ol' Family

Our Little Ol' Family

Thursday, February 21, 2013

We've had a wee bit of snow...

As you can tell, poor Rue just hates all of this snow we've been having!
Love how her ears are flying back in this shot. She really gets to moving out there!

Whee!!  She's going to sleep well tonight!

Lindsey and Kylie cleaned most of the driveway for Daddy. I found out it was a bribe hoping that Daddy would take Lindsey to see her boyfriend, because she hasn't seen him ALL DAY!  *gasp*
Todd started to work this morning, but couldn't make it up our street, so he turned around and came back home.  He then realized he had an e-mail from his boss saying that they recommended that everyone work remotely from home if at all possible today.  Yay!  He headed down to Tyler's room to work to avoid interruptions.  I'm not sure it worked that well, as Miss Kylie was down there with him most of the day.  He didn't complain, so I have a feeling they enjoyed their day together.  Kylie took her stuff down there to 'play school'.  She told me she wanted to move down there, but I vetoed that one!  I have a feeling she would change her mind about that after it got dark outside.

The kids had a snow day from school, and have another one tomorrow, as well.  The library was closed today because of the weather, so I didn't have to go to work, either. I'm trying to get some cleaning done around here, between playing outside with Kylie and cooking for us.

I can't remember how much I've written on here about some health issues I've been having lately.  Anyhow, I had a dr appt Tuesday morning and figured out what it going on with the pain I've been having. First of all, the pain had lessened quite a bit by Sunday evening which is a HUGE blessing! I told the dr about the pain which is on my left side and feels like labor pain and extends down my left thigh. When it's at its worse, it hurts SO bad, I can't even explain it, except that it feels like I'm in labor. The first time I had it, in December, it lasted 3 days. This time it lasted two weeks. The dr examined me and looked at my recent sonogram and said that I have Post Ablation Tubal Sterilization Syndrome, which is very rare but she has seen it a few times. (Imagine that...me having something rare! *sarcasm*) Basically, the blood I should be passing each month becomes trapped and has no where to go. My uterus starts contracting trying to get rid of it. (Thus the labor-type pain) Eventually, my body starts trying to reabsorb it, but never completely gets rid of it. The sonogram showed it trapped in there, and she said it will keep happening, with the pain being excruciating, then lessening a bit after a couple of weeks until the next cycle. She said that the only thing to cure it is to have a hysterectomy. So...her office will be calling me to set that up for sometime in March. They will take the uterus, cervix, and left Fallopian tube, but not the left ovary, if at all possible. Overnight stay in the hospital, and 8 weeks of no lifting. After that, I should be good to go! I'm so glad she could figure out what it is, and I hope that I can be done with surgeries after this. I am praying that the pain will go/stay away until the surgery can take care of things. Good grief, I'm so ready to just be one healthy mama! Her surgery scheduling people called me on Wednesday afternoon and said that they set my surgery up for next Wednesday, February 27th.  Yikes, that's soon!! Also, Todd will be on a business trip and won't arrive home until late that afternoon.  My mom and dad are going to drive up and meet me at the hospital. The rest will just have to fall into place.

Gotta scoot for now.  Trying to get some cleaning done before Wednesday!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Cards

Kylie and I worked on her Valentine's cards for her 'Friend Party' at school.  (They can't be Valentine parties for some reason.) We used a bunch of my old scrapbooking paper and had lots of fun.  They turned out pretty cute!  I miss being creative!

Whoa, Kylie just heard a noise outside and wanted me to check on it, and it is snowing like crazy.  I had no idea it was supposed to do that!  That was fast and came out of no where!  Sure is pretty, though!

Todd ordered the part to fix our van and it won't be in until the end of next week.  Ugh...another week with only one vehicle.  Makes lots of driving for me on the days I have to take Lindsey to school, Todd to/from work, Kylie to school, go to work, pick Kylie up from school, then run back and get Todd. My fanny gets tired of sitting!  I sure hope the part he ordered is all the van needs.  Car repair is so expensive!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Night

I love this picture of Tyler and me. It was last June when we were celebrating Kylie, Natalie, and Cookie's birthdays at the end of June. I said this week that I can tell Tyler is growing up because he has begun doing things for me that I've always done for him. Such as sending home a piece of cake for me that he and Tabitha had made. Then, a few weeks ago Kylie checked out a book from her school library which she thought I'd like to read. (She was right, by the way. It was an interesting book!) Maybe I have done something right in this whole parenting thing, after all.

I'm still having the left side ovary pain. I had a sonogram Monday. (Kylie heard about that and asked if I was pregnant. Um...no!!) It showed a cyst on my left ovary and a fibroid tumor in my uterus, but nothing that could be causing my pain. That's the same thing that happened last year when I was hurting. It's the SAME pain. No matter how much testing they do, I KNOW it's something with that ovary. It hurts like crud. Without 4 Advil every 6 hours, I literally writhe in pain. It feels like labor pain, even shooting to my groin and down my leg, which also happened to me when I was in labor. I want them to fix it, even if that means a hysterectomy. I hope it doesn't drag out 2 months like last time, though. That wore me out and made recovery more difficult. I really do appreciate your prayers.

In the meantime, I'm trying to keep things going around here. You know how one thing hits, then another and another? This is one of those times. The van is very ill. The 'check engine soon' light is on. I can't even drive it 2 blocks to Kylie's school without it overheating. Something is seriously wrong. I missed work yesterday because A) my side was killing me and B)I didn't have a way to get there. Todd was supposed to come home early so that Lindsey could use his car to go to work, but he forgot. She texted him to remind him, but he doesn't always check texts. We called Tyler at the last minute and he had his second worker cover for him and brought Lindsey his car. Then she took him back to work and took his car to work and back to his work. Then Todd picked her up from Bubby's work. It was a circus, for sure.

I made the mistake of trying to mop the kitchen and dining room floors. Ow, not a good idea. (This was two days ago.) Friday is payday and we are down to the last of the food in the cabinets and refrigerator. "Mom, there's nothing to eat!!" Well, there's nothing quick to eat, but there's stuff to eat. Please don't be picky. The only meat I had left yesterday evening were some bbq pork ribs. I put those in to cook before I walked up to Kylie's school for her Parent/Teacher conference. She's doing well, but has only advanced to the 7th grade level and they expect more out of her. Did I mention she is a 4th grader? They are wanting super overall test scores for our school and need kids like Kylie to help set records. Gee, no pressure there, eh?? Having her drop Orchestra to have more class time was even mentioned...in front of her. Not sure how I feel about that.


On Todd's way home from work, our 95 year old neighbor called him to let him know that there was a cardboard box in our back yard.  She said that if a storm came, it would make an awful mess.  You see, she sits at her patio door 16 hours a day and what does she look into?  Her yard and our yard, separated by a chain link fence. So, she calls to let us know when things are not picture perfect.  Come ON!! If we don't fix things to her liking, she fills out a citation for the city against us.  Yes, this is the lady I rake for and help her however I can.  It drives Todd nuts! She reminds me of Mrs. Kravitz on Bewitched. (see picture) I really have had no time these past few years to 'pretty up' our yard.  We do keep it mowed, raked, and trimmed, but I don't plant flowers and do extra landscaping.  Maybe someday will be my season for that, but not right now.  She and her husband only had one child, so I'm not sure she recognizes the stress and work that come with having 5 kids and working two jobs, plus trying to keep up with all of the inside stuff.  Plus feeling like crud with my side on top of it.  This morning, I took a strong dose of my pain medicine and went out and fixed our backyard to make it to her liking.  I knew if Todd had to do that, it would really make him that much more angry about it, and he'd be seething toward her the whole time.  I wanted to save him from that.  Well, it's done now so we'll see how long it will be before she calls and complains again.  I give it a couple of weeks. Hopefully she hasn't already filled out a citation for our cardboard box.  If so, I'm sure the city will understand when we talk to them after they send out their required letter of complaint. They are used to her by now, I'm sure. If she's going to complain about anything, I wish she's complain about the neighbor on the other side of us who painted his house a hideous blue color that doesn't look like house paint.  I'm not sure what it is, but yikes! Everyone who comes over comments on it. Yep.  But, overall, we really like our neighborhood and I am so grateful for our home which has been a huge blessing to our family.

Okay, end of complaint and time for bed.  Hope you are having a great week!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Night Stuff

Miss Natalie made the paper for making the Dean's List her first semester in college! Woo-hoo!

Kylie has volleyball try-outs tomorrow morning. She's so excited! This is her first time being old enough to play on a league, but she's been practicing with Lindsey for years.

Speaking of daughters, we have a pre-pubescent one who is sooooo stinkin' emotional lately. It's either tears or anger...no in-between. I remember this with the other girls, too, but this wears me out! So much emotion and you never know what's going to set it off. Oh, the joy of hormones!

I saw my regular dr for an appt today and told her what started last Sunday evening with my lower left side pain. I know it's the same thing going on with that ovary that I had happen with the other ovary last year. I'm scheduled for a pelvic ultrasound on Monday, but don't get to see my gynecologist until the 19th. I'm having to take oodles of Advil to handle the pain, so please pray that it will help keep it under control and that I won't have to miss work. When it hurts at its worse, it feels like labor pain. Oh my word...it HURTS! I appreciate your prayers! Good news was that my cholesterol was wonderful and well within the limits my dr hoped to see.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Instead of the Super Bowl, I'll Update My Blog

Thought I'd take time and update my blog, since I'm not watching the Super Bowl like the rest of America! Actually, I started having that side pain again this afternoon. (On the other side that still has an ovary.) I'm convinced it is endometriosis on that side now. The good news is that it only bothers me during my cycle. The bad news is that the pain is horrendous and lasts for 2-3 days, generally. I don't know how to explain it, but it hurts so bad and goes down into my leg and groin area, just like it did on the other side. I took the pain medication as soon as I felt it coming on, but thought I was going to throw up from the pain. Yes, I spent part of the afternoon on the bathroom floor. Thankfully, the pain medicine kicked in and that, along with the heating pad, helped. I have an appointment with my regular doctor on Friday, so I'll be talking with her about this. I HATE pain!

Yesterday was a busy day, starting with Kylie's last basketball game. They won 50-8, which made me feel really sorry for the other team. Here are some pictures from the game:
Kylie (in red) dribbling the ball down court (or is that up court?)  Well, whatever...you know what I mean!

Kylie's awesome basket from her 'sweet spot'.  She has this one place, from just to the right of the basket, where she loves to shoot.

Kylie and her best friend, Morgan.  Morgan and her daddy came to cheer Miss Kylie on.  Next week, both girls are trying out for Volleyball together.  They're gonna love that!

Kylie with her biggest cheerleader, Kelly!  I just love hearing Kelly yell for Kylie during the game.  They are so close to each other and love to spend time together.
Right after Kylie's game, I left to run over to Lindsey's volleyball tournament one town over. (Todd stayed with Kylie for her team party since it was the last game of the season. They came to the volleyball tourney after the party.) Lindsey's team ended up placing 2nd in their division, so that was awesome, as they really hadn't been doing that well in the other tournaments. When I was at Kylie's game, I got a message from my friend, Jennifer, that she and her husband, Ryan, were watching their daughter, Emma, play volleyball at the same tournament where Lindsey was playing! I was so excited to get to see them once I got there! We hadn't seen each other for years, and it was so great to get to visit and catch up. Their daughters have gotten so big and are just beautiful! Here is a picture I took of Lindsey's team after they got their 2nd Place medals. It embarrassed Kylie to DEATH that I took this picture laying on the ground. She finds me terribly embarrassing lately. Lindsey and the volleyball girls thought it was cool, though, so I guess I'm not too geeky for them! :)

Miss Natalie has asked for prayers this week, as she has 4 big tests and a project due this week. I told her I'd pass that on to my prayer warriors! I'd sure appreciate your prayers for me, too, that this pain will just GO away! Hope you have a great week!