Our Little Ol' Family

Our Little Ol' Family

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Instead of the Super Bowl, I'll Update My Blog

Thought I'd take time and update my blog, since I'm not watching the Super Bowl like the rest of America! Actually, I started having that side pain again this afternoon. (On the other side that still has an ovary.) I'm convinced it is endometriosis on that side now. The good news is that it only bothers me during my cycle. The bad news is that the pain is horrendous and lasts for 2-3 days, generally. I don't know how to explain it, but it hurts so bad and goes down into my leg and groin area, just like it did on the other side. I took the pain medication as soon as I felt it coming on, but thought I was going to throw up from the pain. Yes, I spent part of the afternoon on the bathroom floor. Thankfully, the pain medicine kicked in and that, along with the heating pad, helped. I have an appointment with my regular doctor on Friday, so I'll be talking with her about this. I HATE pain!

Yesterday was a busy day, starting with Kylie's last basketball game. They won 50-8, which made me feel really sorry for the other team. Here are some pictures from the game:
Kylie (in red) dribbling the ball down court (or is that up court?)  Well, whatever...you know what I mean!

Kylie's awesome basket from her 'sweet spot'.  She has this one place, from just to the right of the basket, where she loves to shoot.

Kylie and her best friend, Morgan.  Morgan and her daddy came to cheer Miss Kylie on.  Next week, both girls are trying out for Volleyball together.  They're gonna love that!

Kylie with her biggest cheerleader, Kelly!  I just love hearing Kelly yell for Kylie during the game.  They are so close to each other and love to spend time together.
Right after Kylie's game, I left to run over to Lindsey's volleyball tournament one town over. (Todd stayed with Kylie for her team party since it was the last game of the season. They came to the volleyball tourney after the party.) Lindsey's team ended up placing 2nd in their division, so that was awesome, as they really hadn't been doing that well in the other tournaments. When I was at Kylie's game, I got a message from my friend, Jennifer, that she and her husband, Ryan, were watching their daughter, Emma, play volleyball at the same tournament where Lindsey was playing! I was so excited to get to see them once I got there! We hadn't seen each other for years, and it was so great to get to visit and catch up. Their daughters have gotten so big and are just beautiful! Here is a picture I took of Lindsey's team after they got their 2nd Place medals. It embarrassed Kylie to DEATH that I took this picture laying on the ground. She finds me terribly embarrassing lately. Lindsey and the volleyball girls thought it was cool, though, so I guess I'm not too geeky for them! :)

Miss Natalie has asked for prayers this week, as she has 4 big tests and a project due this week. I told her I'd pass that on to my prayer warriors! I'd sure appreciate your prayers for me, too, that this pain will just GO away! Hope you have a great week!


  1. I'm sorry you are having pain again... it seems like every couple of months something else is giving you a fit. Did they do a partial hysterectomy before?

    How fun that you ran into the Couch's... I babysat Emma when Jen first went back to work after Emma was born. We still refer to Emma as "baby Emma" when we talk about them, even though she is probably taller than me now :)

  2. Emma is very tall! Such a pretty young lady. Can't believe she is a 7th Grader! I had hoped to get a picture of them, but either they were playing or we were, so that never worked out. Maybe we'll get to see each other again before the season is over.

    Last time they took out my right ovary. It was pulled about 7 inches out of place, so the Fallopian Tube was stretched waaayyy longer than it should have been, and that is what was causing the pain. The dr didn't think it was endometriosis, but scar tissue. The biopsy he sent to the lab confirmed it was endometriosis. He said that if he had known that while he was in there, he may have done more at that time. I'm beginning to wish he had just taken it all then. I called my gyn today and they worked me in for an appt on Feb 19th. The appt is not with my original gyn, because he just retired in December, but with the dr who scrubbed in with him on the procedure, who also happens to be Natalie and Larissa's gyno, and remembered me when I saw her with each of them last fall.