Our Little Ol' Family

Our Little Ol' Family

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Please Excuse My Absence

I had surgery on February 27, so I've not written a new blog for a bit.  Sorry about that!  Slowly, but surely, I'm on the mend.  Thanks so much to everyone who sent cards, brought meals, helped me shovel snow, or many other things.

Nat's been home for Spring Break this week, but is headed back to Baylor tomorrow.  We'll sure miss her, but I know she really enjoys her studies.

Lindsey's soccer games started up this week.  She is playing right mid-field on Varsity. It's a 'building year' this year, having lost many of our Varsity players last year when they graduated.  I think they'll do just fine, though.  It's like a brand new team learning to play together.  They'll get better with each game, I'm sure.
Lindsey taking the ball to to the goal.

 Larissa started her new job at Burger King this week.  She really likes it so far.  I think she looks so cute in her uniform, and even talked her into posing for a picture for me!
 Morgan and Kylie serenaded me with a Taylor Swift concert as I recuperated from my surgery.
 Rue likes to watch Lindsey eat her snack after school each day!
 Here are Rue and Natalie taking a nap with Mommy this week.  We did a lot of that, and all enjoyed it immensely!  :)
 Monday my Mom and Albert came up for a visit.  They took me on my first outing to Cracker Barrel.  It was yummy, but oh so nice to get away from home for a little bit, but especially to get to visit.  They waited for the girls to get home from school and soccer practice so that they could have a quick visit.  Here they are with Lindsey, Kylie and Natalie.
I went to my first movie in 7 years today.  We went and saw 'Oz the Great and Powerful'.  I really enjoyed it.  I like movies okay, but just can't justify paying $10 for a ticket; it makes me feel wasteful when I could just wait a few months and watch it on Netflix. At the movies were Carolyn and Kelly, Todd, Natalie, Lindsey, Kylie, and me.  We all liked it pretty well, but it would have been too scary for little kiddos.

I'll share more details about my surgery stuff in another blog because I'm heading to bed right now!