Our Little Ol' Family

Our Little Ol' Family

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Morning

Love this picture from Tuesday evening's game! Lindsey is playing goalie this week, as our regular goalie has a basketball camp she has to attend in the evenings this week. Great catch, Linds!

 Larissa won a medal and certificate in the Art Show Sunday! A Distinguished Honoree in the Fine Arts (Jewelry). Her rings were my very favorite. Way to go, Sissy! She is so creative! She designed and made all of these pieces! Arent't they awesome??

Larissa had a little friend visit this weekend. Baby Lily really liked Rue and kept saying, "Fiff, fiff!" which we are pretty sure means 'ruff ruff'! 
This evening is Cameron and Cyrena's rehearsal, then tomorrow is the wedding! I had one of those 'wedding photographer's nightmares' last night. First, I was wearing my pj's with no bra (yeah, NOT good!) and I was running around afraid that I was going to miss an important picture. Praying it all goes well. It should be a really fun wedding. Tyler is a groomsman, so I'll be sure to post a picture of him in his tux! I'm so excited!

Miss Natalie had called several ophthalmologists in the KC area about an 8 week job shadowing opportunity this summer. Today she received a call back from the office of one of KC's best dr's and they have invited her to accept the job shadowing position! In researching this dr, we've found that he is a phenomenal doctor, a Harvard Medical School and Tuft's University graduate, leading many research studies (which is a real area of interest for Natalie), and serving on national committees. We're so excited that she's going to have this opportunity this summer!! Way to go, Nat! (AND she'll be home for the summer!)

Tyler moved back home last weekend. His lease on his house was up and he is wanting to find something in a different location and with different room mates. One of his room mates had been stealing from him, which really stinks. Also, Tyler was recently promoted to Assistant Manager at the convenience store where he works. He's been putting in a LOT of hours with training and his regular hours, too. He's been working about 10 hours a day. UGH!

Larissa just has 37 school days left before graduation. Please be praying for her for the stick-with-it-ness to get it done! I know she can do it, but it will take a lot of effort on her part.

Evidently I misunderstood my doctor. Since I have to push around heavy carts with books, she doesn't want me to go back to work until after my April 25 appointment. I knew I wasn't supposed to 'lift' over 10 pounds, but wasn't thinking about 'pushing' and 'pulling' waaayyy over 10 pounds. So glad THAT was cleared up before I hurt myself! Healing is going well and I do NOT want to mess anything up! I was originally planning to go back to work yesterday.

 Gotta scoot for now. Hope you are having a great week!

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