Our Little Ol' Family

Our Little Ol' Family

Saturday, March 29, 2014

What's Been Up at Janet's House? March 29, 2014

Lindsey's volleyball team at a tournament in Salina, KS. They earned second place at this tourney!

Soccer season has begun, even as volleyball (club season) is still going, too.! Lindsey's very last soccer season is this year, as she is not planning to play soccer in college. It's been fun to see Lindsey be co-captain with her friend and fellow Senior, Jessica. It's a 'rebuilding year', with having many girls graduate out of our Varsity soccer team the past two years. We have many Freshmen on the team and they are not quite used to high school play yet. It's frustrating for Linds and Jess at times, but they are being great leaders for the younger girls. Here are some soccer pics:
I told Lindsey she looks like a little girl pretending to be an airplane in this picture, but she actually just did a header on the ball, if you look closely! :)
Kylie's best friend Morgan dropped Kylie off at one of Lindsey's games. Here is part of Morgan's family, including her doggy Lady, who likes to go for rides!

Our friends from Colorado came for a visit last week. They even got to go to one of Lindsey's soccer games with us!
Lindsey with her cello after her quartet played at the Orchestra competition. She has played the cello for 9 years. It's another one of those things that she won't be doing all of the time anymore after graduation. I sure hope she gets a chance to do something with that talent in the future!
Lindsey's quartet at contest. They earned a II, so that was good!
 The Senior girls usually have banners made to hang up at home games during their Senior soccer season. This year I designed them and ordered them from a company near Los Angeles. They are supposed to arrive in the mail on Monday. Can't wait to see them! Here is Lindsey's:
Lindsey's Senior banner that I designed.
Kylie got her tonsils out at the end of February, after having strep throat 7 times in 5 months. Rue was her snuggle buddy during her recovery.
Rue tries to help Kylie feel better.
Before the surgery her tonsils were like a huge wall in the back of her throat. The dr said that they were full of infection when he removed them, even though she had just finished a long round of antibiotics. Her tongue is coated with icky stuff, too.
Morgan came to say "hi" on Day 4.
The swelling from her surgery referred pain to her ears. Poor thing! Thank goodness for good pain medicine!

Well, now I have you all caught up on this month, for the most part, other than the fact that Nat came home for Spring Break and that was wonderful! Here's Natalie at her volunteer job at the Waco Cancer Center:


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  1. Will be going through those "last time" things with Taylor over the next year. Got teary eyed talking to Jeff about it just yesterday!